Antique Lace Ormolu Brass Vanity Tray

Antique Lace Ormolu Brass Vanity Tray

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A little something about this vintage treasure

We are always obsessed with details and this is how we fell in love with this antique vanity tray when we saw it. Just look closely enough at the ornate ribbon handles, the ormolu feet and the intricate carving of the tray. Every part of this treasure deserves our appreciation and it is just entertainingly fascinating enough for us to want it, like this very minute. 

Nothing looks more exquisite than having this gorgeous antique lace tray to perfect your bedroom decor. Use it to display your precious jewelries, wedding rings or if you prefer using it as a coaster for your favourite cup of tea, why not? 

You can also put it on your coffee console and well, let your husband use it for his favourite TV remote control. Add a fragrant candle for a feminine touch too.

If you are in a business, use it to display your business cards in the most elegant and effortlessly chic way.




28cm x  20cm / 11" x 8"




625g / 22oz



Made in USA 



Good vintage condition. The tray for sure has come a long way. It is well loved and shows signs of use. We have a feeling that the original tray could have been charcoal to black in colour but the previous owner has painted it gold. (It's just my guessing as some owners do prefer having their heirloom brass or pewter dresser trays in gold, which may not have been available in the past.) Regardless, the gold colour looks delightfully and tastefully done, making this treasure more stunning than ever. The antique lace shows a beautiful pinkish discoloration throughout. Some chips on the two glasses encasing the antique lace (mostly around the edges but you will only find them if you take them out from the tray, which I did for inspection and cleaning purposes.) No cracks or scratches on glass surface spotted. No breakages of lace found either.

Care of antique items

We would definitely not recommend using any cleaning products unless you have professional knowledge in this area. Wiping the glass surface with a soft towel will just do fine. Do not place this antique vanity tray in bathrooms as the humidity will corrupt more with the brass ring. 

Country of origin


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