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The Birth of the House

Our brand

House of Sugar Darlings, or HoSD for short, is all about love and passing on love. Whether it's the love a mother has for her children, the love a wife has for her husband, or that between friends, these different kinds of love form our core values of our designs and ethics.

Everything we have in here, whether they are vintage and antique curated treasures, or handmade items that we stitch and wire tirelessly in our studio, is filled with love and blessing.

The design house was brainstormed almost two decades ago but only took its physical shape in 2010. Ever since then we have been on this wonderful creative expedition in which we have the most unexpected honour to have met with a lot of beautiful people, sharing life-shaping stories, sometimes shedding a tear or two (whether happy or sad), but mostly laughing off the most trivial silliness that we can joke about. All these encounters give us endless inspirations to create and excel. We have, unbeknownst to us, turned our cozy studio into a very cherished little place for those who come to visit and have their bespoke orders made.

The year 2016 sees us reveal our brand new logo. It is the embodiment of what delights our heart most: glass seed bead embroidery, in the making. The logo features the endless up-and-down movement of the needle through the fabric. Doesn't it conclude all? This is life. Life really is full of many unexpected twists and turns. As we manoeuvre our own needle, however, we are the ones who have the final say of our fate and thus create our most fabulous destiny. If only we believe, if only we love, the beautiful life we deserve is just waiting for us.

Let’s journey together, with lots of love, and lots of laughter.

About Elaine

Elaine is the founder and creative director of the design house. She was born into a creative family in which many members young or old, seem to be gifted with a certain kind of artistic talents. Her childhood pastimes included painting, crafting and designing. She was rather fond of eating as a kid too but with a stack of plain paper and a few coloured pencils, she thought she was in heaven.  

She shifted her creative vibes to languages and writing in her teen years which led to the completion of her university education with a degree in translation. Following her graduation, she was trained as a professional journalist at the South China Morning Post in the 1990s. She considered her lifelong dream fulfilled. She left the newspaper with a heavy heart a little later and a decade went by before she finally recalled the pleasure of creating and handcrafting. 

She would always remember with fondness the immense joy her wedding in 2010 brings: the creation of some signature pieces which became her bestsellers later. It was also the idea of making heirloom pieces which she could proudly pass on to her daughters that gave her the most needed initiatives and endless inspirations. She has since become a full time designer after her wedding, crafting heirloom pieces in her beautiful studio, occasionally entertaining herself by curating vintage and antique treasures and trying to wake up those dormant skills acquired from another timeline.