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Bridal Shower

We know that to many of us, this is just a once in a lifetime get together with the girls you grew up with. They are the ones who probably made you cry, more than once, but they are also the ones who made you laugh. Remember you laughed so hard and so painful that tears came running down your cheeks over hundreds and even thousands of time?
They are sometimes your competitors, and might have been, at one point, your enemies. Time goes on, something changes, but then friendship stays and love remains.
These are the ones you are calling them your bridesmaids on your wedding day. From the moment you are engaged, they are there to share every up and down with. They witness your growth from a cheeky babyish girl, to a gracious and beautiful wife. They stop you from turning into a bridezilla, (although you might be guilty of unearthing their potentials as the future bridezillas). Whichever the case, your love stays and friendship remains.
Write to us and let us know how we can make your bridal shower special. Let us know how wonderful these ladies are, and in return, we give you a day which is truly memorable. 
(Vintage bridal gown photoshoot by Yuk Lau Photography)