1920s Lace Petit Point Embroidery Vanity Tray


A little something about this treasure
We count our blessing every time when we can still grab hold of vanity tray as beautiful as this one is, which is still in excellent conditions.

As always, not a minute passes by without us being obsessed with details and this is how we fell in love with this antique vanity tray when we saw it. Just look closely enough at the ornate handles, the ormolu feet and the intricate carving of the tray. Every part of this treasure deserves our appreciation and it is just entertainingly fascinating enough for us to want it, like this very minute. 

Nothing looks more exquisite than having this gorgeous antique lace tray to perfect your bedroom decor. Use it to display your precious jewelries, wedding rings or if you prefer using it as a coaster for your favourite cup of tea, why not? 

You can also put it on your coffee console and well, let your husband use it for his favourite TV remote control. Add a fragrant candle for a feminine touch too.

If you are in a business, use it to display your business cards in the most elegant and effortlessly chic way.


Measures approximately Ø 8" / 20 cm 

Maker unknown

Not signed

If you don't consider the aging colour of the brass body (we will always wonder how it looked like when it was brand new), this vanity tray is almost excellent in condition. No breakage in lace, no noticeable discolouration either. No scratches on glass. The petit point embroidery was done in vibrant colour embroidery threads which still look vibrant after all these years. 

Taking care of your vintage and antique treasures
We would definitely not recommend using any cleaning products unless you have professional knowledge in this area. Wiping the glass surface with a soft towel will just do fine. Do not place this antique vanity tray in bathrooms as the humidity will corrupt more with the brass ring. 

Country of discovery

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